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More about The Baseball Report Staff!!     

Senior Columnist:  Hollis T. Russell                                            
Column Entitled:  The View From The Cheap Seats


HT was born and raised in the Panhandle of Texas. He studied government and history at Amarillo College and the University of Texas. While attending UT, he developed a love for photography and worked as a free-lance photographer after college. In addition to his work with the camera, HT spent twenty years as an executive in the food and beverage industry. After relocating to New England in 1986, he worked with Mercedes-Benz and Porsche. Since 1996, HT has worked with a non-profit foundation that grants wishes to children with chronic, life threatening diseases and is currently the state director for Massachusetts.

As a participant in organized sports in his formative years, HT began following professional baseball and football. With his love of history and his creative ability blending together, in 2000, HT was asked to join the staff of The Baseball Report. He now holds the position of Senior Columnist.