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More about The Baseball Report Staff!!     

Senior News Reporter:  Kevin Burke

Kevin Burke is currently a student at Providence College. He is a writer, poet, singer and songwriter as well as an avid sports fan. Although he doesn't play baseball anymore, Kevin looks back on the glory days when he warmed the bench in little league because he was as streaky a hitter as there is. However, what he lacked with the bat, Kevin made up with his glove putting up a career .998 fielding percentage in both right, left and center field. Kevin hopes to get back to playing baseball this summer in any league that will take him in. One thing that ticks Kevin off is that Providence College no longer has a baseball team. The baseball team was taken away after the 1999 season due to Title VIX even though the team was one out away from the series during that season. This lack of a baseball team at Providence College makes Kevin very unhappy.